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savita bhabhi
Savita Bhabhi free username and password: is an Indian pornographic cartoon character and has earned a recognition as India's first porn star. The character named Savita is depicted as an attractive promiscuous housewife who is ignored by her husband and engages in sexual adventures. The suffix bhabhi (Hindi: sister-in-law) is commonly attached to first names of Indian housewives. The character initially appeared in a freely available comic strip at It has since been converted into a subscription-based strip. The cartoon character was first introduced by Puneet Agarwal in March 2008. It proved controversial in the conservative Indian setting as soon as it was introduced. Some critics felt it represented the face of new India’s ultra-liberal section.  The site was officially banded but it still present in form of Kirtu(Paid site)

List of the stories published

  1. savita bhabhi episode 01 Bra Salesman
  2. savita bhabhi episode 02 Cricket
  3. savita bhabhi episode 03 The Party
  4. savita bhabhi episode 04 Visiting Cousin
  5. savita bhabhi episode 05 Manoj Ki Maalish (Servant Boy)
  6. savita bhabhi episode 06 Virginity Lost
  7. savita bhabhi episode 07 Doctor Doctor
  8. savita bhabhi episode 08 The Interview
  9. savita bhabhi episode 09 Sexy Shopping
  10. savita bhabhi episode 10 Banungi Mein Miss India
  11. savita bhabhi episode 11 Savita In Shimla
  12. savita bhabhi episode 12 Miss India Part 2
  13. savita bhabhi episode 13 College Girl Savvi
  14. savita bhabhi episode 14 Sexpress
  15. savita bhabhi episode 15 Ashok At Home
  16. savita bhabhi episode 16 Double Trouble
  17. savita bhabhi episode 17 Double Trouble-2
  18. savita bhabhi episode 18 Tution Teacher Savita
  19. savita bhabhi episode 19 Savita's Wedding
  20. savita bhabhi episode 20 Sexercise
  21. savita bhabhi episode 21 A Wife's Confession
  22. savita bhabhi episode 22 Shobha's First Time
  23. savita bhabhi episode 23 Kissing Cousins
  24. savita bhabhi episode 24 The Mystery Of Two
  25. savita bhabhi episode 25 The Uncle's visit
  26. savita bhabhi episode 26 The Photo Shoot
  27. savita bhabhi episode 27 The Birthday Bash
  28. savita bhabhi episode 28 Business OR AND Pleasure
  29. savita bhabhi episode 29 The Intern
  30. savita bhabhi episode 30 Sexercise - How it All Began!
  31. savita bhabhi episode 31 Sexy Secretary - 1
  32. savita bhabhi episode 32 Savita Bhabhi's Special Tailor
  33. Savita in Goa series (Part 1 to 4)

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