We would like to thank our contributors, whose efforts make this web site what it is. These people have helped by writing code and documentation, and by testing. They have created and maintained this web site, its associated development kits, our build tools.

  1. Sneha Nasit
  2. Pintul Radadiya
  3. Sofi

This is a list of people who have "made a significant investment of time, with useful results, into activities". Any such contributors who wish to be added to the list should click this link to send email to giving your name, email address and a sentence (citation) summarizing your contribution.

What you have to do:
  1. You must have an account on
  2. Accept our open invitation which we send you on your email account.
  3. To be a contributor you have to post actively(at least 5 post in a week).
  4. In every post add at least one Image and 1000 word characters.
  5. Show our website watermark on every Images ( or
  6. Use page break for long posts.
  7. No limit for posting.
  8. We recommend you to post 10 new post at a time and if you want to post more, then schedule them to be post.
  9. Give category label to each post (Funny Images, funny Video, Information, Stories, News, SMS )

*You cannot add any affiliate links or HTML or any type of codes.
*No promotional posts allow. if found any contributor may suspended.
*Don't Post any copyright contents in any format.

We will not going to pay any one, its free platform to publish your posts and become POPULAR on internet.

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