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worlds most popular online comics and funny images and video website also  known in India as was one of the best website in the world and the no.1 in its categories is now take a new name fore the next generations visitors with the best looking ever..

New looks include new platform of design and next generation of technology to make it brows faster and easy to navigate. New website also accept users posts and display/publish it in a seconds. New icons and graphics are the key factors of this website.

A new name of is and its live from last month. we requested our loyal users/visitors to Subscribe/Follow us and make it popular too.

kirtu comics free username and password

kirtu comics

Kirtu is a word that, by association, has become synonymous with sexually explicit comics or animation originating in India that depict modern Indian sexuality. The common noun is derived from the domain name of the popular pornographic cartoon website, although as a proprietary eponym it is often used to refer to Indian cartoon pornography in general, much like hentai is used to denote sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation from Japan, particularly anime, manga and computer games.

Pornography is illegal in India, and although it is available virtually anywhere especially in areas where pirated material is already being sold it is generally of the softcore variety and typically low quality. Hardcore pornography involving actors and models, both on film and in photographs, is much more difficult to come by, and almost impossible to produce and distribute domestically because of the ban. Therefore, cartoon pornography is an increasingly popular alternative in India to hardcore content performed by people. Although various websites and print outlets besides exist, animated pornography in general is often referred to simply as "kirtu". is a pay site and users have to pay for Login name and Password for FREE there are several sites and Blogs are available. Read comments for letest active Links


SAVITA BHABHI : 1 to 35 full episodes

KIRTU FAN SERIES : more than 10 full episodes

WINTER IN INDIA : 1 to 6 full episodes

VELAMMA : 1 to 17 full episodes

KIRTU MISS RITA : 1 full episodes

KIRTU MAYA : 1, 2, 3 full episodes

XXX APARTMENTS : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Full episodes

SAVITA BHABHI @ 18 : 1, 2, 3, 4 full episodes

ROOFTOPS : 1, 2 full episodes

SAVITA IN GOA : 1, 2, 3, 4 full episodes

PRIYA RAO : 1 to 7 full episodes

KIRTU THE TRAP : 1, 2, 3 full episodes

SAATH KAHANIYA : 1 to 7 full episodes

UNCLE SHOM : 1, 2 full episodes

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velamma comics free username and password

Mrs Velamma Lakshmi, or Vela as her loved ones like to call her is a loving and innocent South Indian Aunty. However like most of the woman in her family, she was blessed with an extremely sexy figure with boobs like they came from heaven! Velamma is always ready to do anything for people she comes in touch with, but her innocence sometimes makes her do things which might go a bit far. Read about Velamma’s sexy yet innocent and loving experiences in the best Indian comic series – Best of all, its all FREE at and some other Blogs in Hindi, Tamil and English!

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List of Velamma comics

  1. Download Velamma – Episode 1: The Beginning
  2. Download Velamma Episode 2 : The Final Submission
  3. Download Velamma Episode 3 : How far would you go for your family?
  4. Download Velamma Episode 4 : The Picnic
  5. Download Velamma Episode 5 : The Chief Guest
  6. Download Velamma Episode 6: Visit From An Old Friend
  7. Download Velamma Episode 7 : She needs more than just motherly love
  8. Download Velamma Episode 8 : Holi – “The festival of colors and…”
  9. Download Velamma Episode 9 : Taking Virginity
  10. Download Velamma Episode 10 : The Loving Wife
  11. Download Velamma Episode 11 : The Affair
  12. Download Velamma Episode 12 : The New Beginning
  13. Download Velamma Episode 13 : In The Middle of a Journey
  14. Download Velamma Episode 14 : Falling Prey
  15. Download Velamma Episode 15 : The First Interview
  16. Download Velamma Episode 16 : Unwanted Gifts
  17. Download Velamma Episode 17 : The Hunt
  18. Download Velamma Episode 18 : Burning Desires
  19. Velamma Episode 19 : House Play
  20. Velamma Episode 20 : PayBack
    List of Veena comics
    1. Veena Episode 1 : To Sir With Love
    2. Veena Episode 2 : A Deal To Remember
    3. Download Venna Episode 03 full episode
    4. Veena Episode 4 : The Girl Next Door
    5. Veena Episode 5 : Working All Night Long
    6. Veena Episode 6 : Blackmail!
    7. Veena Episode 7 : Fighting Fire With Fire

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    savita bhabhi free username and password

    savita bhabhi
    Savita Bhabhi free username and password: is an Indian pornographic cartoon character and has earned a recognition as India's first porn star. The character named Savita is depicted as an attractive promiscuous housewife who is ignored by her husband and engages in sexual adventures. The suffix bhabhi (Hindi: sister-in-law) is commonly attached to first names of Indian housewives. The character initially appeared in a freely available comic strip at It has since been converted into a subscription-based strip. The cartoon character was first introduced by Puneet Agarwal in March 2008. It proved controversial in the conservative Indian setting as soon as it was introduced. Some critics felt it represented the face of new India’s ultra-liberal section.  The site was officially banded but it still present in form of Kirtu(Paid site)

    List of the stories published

    1. savita bhabhi episode 01 Bra Salesman
    2. savita bhabhi episode 02 Cricket
    3. savita bhabhi episode 03 The Party
    4. savita bhabhi episode 04 Visiting Cousin
    5. savita bhabhi episode 05 Manoj Ki Maalish (Servant Boy)
    6. savita bhabhi episode 06 Virginity Lost
    7. savita bhabhi episode 07 Doctor Doctor
    8. savita bhabhi episode 08 The Interview
    9. savita bhabhi episode 09 Sexy Shopping
    10. savita bhabhi episode 10 Banungi Mein Miss India
    11. savita bhabhi episode 11 Savita In Shimla
    12. savita bhabhi episode 12 Miss India Part 2
    13. savita bhabhi episode 13 College Girl Savvi
    14. savita bhabhi episode 14 Sexpress
    15. savita bhabhi episode 15 Ashok At Home
    16. savita bhabhi episode 16 Double Trouble
    17. savita bhabhi episode 17 Double Trouble-2
    18. savita bhabhi episode 18 Tution Teacher Savita
    19. savita bhabhi episode 19 Savita's Wedding
    20. savita bhabhi episode 20 Sexercise
    21. savita bhabhi episode 21 A Wife's Confession
    22. savita bhabhi episode 22 Shobha's First Time
    23. savita bhabhi episode 23 Kissing Cousins
    24. savita bhabhi episode 24 The Mystery Of Two
    25. savita bhabhi episode 25 The Uncle's visit
    26. savita bhabhi episode 26 The Photo Shoot
    27. savita bhabhi episode 27 The Birthday Bash
    28. savita bhabhi episode 28 Business OR AND Pleasure
    29. savita bhabhi episode 29 The Intern
    30. savita bhabhi episode 30 Sexercise - How it All Began!
    31. savita bhabhi episode 31 Sexy Secretary - 1
    32. savita bhabhi episode 32 Savita Bhabhi's Special Tailor
    33. Savita in Goa series (Part 1 to 4)

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    Bollywood stars as kids

    These stars were not the same throughout. They were like any other kids when they were kids and hardly cared much about fame and stardom. Below is what many Bollywood stars looked like when they were kids.

    Shahrukh Khan: Shahrukh is barely a year old in the pic but the mischievousness seen in his eyes as a child is something that is still a part of his personality.

    Amitabh Bachchan: Senior Bachchan looks amazingly cute as a junior. He looks dressed as a freedom fighter in the dated pic.

    Aishwarya Rai: Aishwarya apparently knew all about poise and elegance much before she won the Miss World crown. She was definitely a very pretty young girl and years only added to her beauty.

    Salman Khan: Salman Khan looks quite the bad boy in his childhood pic. Looks like growing up to be labelled a bad boy was inevitable for him.

    Imran Khan: Imran Khan never really lost his baby-face. Despite of his great filmy career and marriage, Imran Khan looks the same.

    Ranbir Kapoor: Those inherent looks are simply unmissable when it comes to Ranbir Kapoor's young days. The Kapoor family 's genes still loom large on that face.

    Sonam Kapoor: Sonam Kapoor looks nowhere close to what she was as a kid. Hers is quite a transformation even though she wasn't quite the ugly duckling.

    Katrina Kaif: There is no doubt about what the Indian barbie must've looked like as a child. Extremely cute and adorable was Katrina as a kid.

    Aamir Khan: It might be ages that Aamir Khan was a kid, but the childlike quality in Aamir makes him come across as a young person. Also the fact that Aamir understands the psychology of kids so well adds to his charm.

    Deepika Padukone: Deepika Padukone looks very bubbly as a kid. Today, however, it is a different story with all the dignified and ladylike ways about her.

    Abhishek Bachchan: Much pampered and loved as a child, Abhishek is a proud daddy himself .

    Hrithik Roshan: As a kid, Hrithik faced a lot of problems, the main being his stutter. Now, Hrithik has evolved to be, perhaps, the most confident actor in Bollywood.

    Kajol: Not really the typically cute kid, Kajol's childhood pics look very similar to what her daughter Nysa looks like. Like mother like daughter?

    Kareena & Karisma Kapoor: Kareena and Karisma were apparently quite healthy as kids and it isn't hard to figure why since they belonged to the Kapoor family. Today, however, the two sisters are known as the most fashion forward ladies in the industry.

    12,000 year old city of Lord Krishna found....

    Every Indian must watch and share this post. 12,000 year old city of Lord Krishna found....

    The hottest bikini babes in Bollywood

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Bollywood has a long list of babes who have slipped into the bikini and carried it off in style. Here's our list

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Nutan was among the first of Bollywood heroines to take a plunge into the waters in a bikini. The year was 1958. The movie Dilli Ka Thug

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Sharmila Tagore was smoking hot in this two peice she donned in the 1967 flick 'An Evening in Paris'

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Sonam, who shone in Tridev was yet another diva of those ages who was comfortable in a bikini

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Kareena set the trend with size zero in Tashan - and this is not the only film in which she has flaunted her toned body.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    While her size-zero created a buzz, Bebo has now refused the bikini onscreen.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Priyanka looked hot in a golden bikini in 'Dostana' but her skin show fundas have also changed and now, there'll be no more bikini onscreen.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Anushka Sharma shed the girl next door avatar and went glam in Badmash Company. She also looked hot in a black bikini in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Kangna Ranaut set the mercury soaring in 'Rascals'.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Amrita Arora wore a purple bikini in Kambakht Ishq.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Mugdha Godse sports a white bikini in 'Help', but it did not do much to help the movie from sinking without a trace.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Mugdha Godse had previously donned a bikini in Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    'Shortkut...The con is on' - After doing enough of demure, girl-next door, shy roles finally Amrita Rao joined the bikini brigade with this film.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Barbara Mori - Hrithik Roshan flick hit the headline more for their on screen chemistry rather than the box office numbers. Barbara added to the oomph factor.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Puja Gupta flaunted her to-die-for figure in a bikini in F.A.L.T.U.. Quiz her if she was apprehensive wearing it, she says, "Not at all. We had a swimsuit round in Miss India as well. It has been done very tastefully and nobody will have any apprehensions about it."

    bollywood hot celebrities

    'Dhoom 2' - Apart from the fact that it being a sequel to smashing hit DHOOM and Hrithik-Aishwarya's fresh pair, the film gained maximum eyeballs as Bipasha Basu sported a hot bikini not to mention the hot and skimpy costumes for Ash too.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    While there was plenty of skin show in Katrina's debut film 'Boom', she has now refused to get into a bikini.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Mallika has looked glamorous in a bikini but she surprised everyone when she said a big 'no' to the bikini.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    'Dil Bole Hadipa' - Following the syndrome of 'If my contemporaries can do it, so can I', Bollywood actress Rani Mukherji also shed few kilos and sport a bikini for the first time in her career to promote her film.

    6 million matches in 16 years

    You think you have the time, mood and patience to create an artwork like this photo? First of all, try to realize the following sizes. 6 million matches. 16 years of life.

    The Bulgarian artist Plamen Ignatov used all these matches and spent so long constructing a miniature monastery "Rila". This work of art in its final form consists of matches, wood and precious stones, can now be admired in the Archaeological Museum in Sofia in Bulgaria.

    The monastery "Rila" is the largest and most famous Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It is considered one of the most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments of Bulgaria, but also a tourist attraction for South Europe.

    The strangest record!

    Faster, stronger, bigger, more expensive In the wonderful world of motoring are models that break all limits and records. We have compiled the most impressive for the good of the Year!

    The most expensive car ever

    Currently considered expensive model in the world a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, 1957, which was sold in the mid-year at an incredible price of 12.5 million.

    Akrivotero production model

    The open Bugatti Veyron priced Grand Sport version in just 1.66 million, some half a million more expensive than the closed Veyron 16.4.

    The wider car

    All dimensions of the Ford F-650 is XXL. Singles but the amazing breadth of the body with 2.24 m and the enormous length of the wheelbase to 4.62 m.

    To most ntriftarisma

    Mauro Kahlo broke the world record drift this summer to drive a rear-wheel drive Mercedes C63. The Kahlo ntiftarontas completed eight laps on the circular track at Mercedes in Weybridge in Great Britain so we head 2,308 meters. The record was already registered in the Guinness book and is 394 meters better than the previous!

    highest ascent by car

    In April 2007 rose by Gonzalo Bravo and Eduardo Canal tweaked a Suzuki Samurai, 1986, at an altitude of 6,688 meters volcano Ogios Salanti de Chile. In May attempted to break the record for the same mountain the German Mathias Gieske with Jeep Wrangler (from where the picture us), but did not succeed for a while and stayed a few meters lower in altitude 6,646 meters.

    The more miles

    The American Irv Gordon has traveled to 44 years with Volvo P1800 displayed approximately 4.5 million kilometers and has set the next target of 3 million miles, or about 4.82 million km.

    The smallest car

    The Wind Up the British Gouotkin Perry has 104 cm height, 66 cm wide and only 129 inches long. To enter in, be open over the body and fitted with a 150 cc engine karts.

    Records stacking

    Fifteen girls and a man fit in a VW Up length 3.54 m. Two people voleftikan the trunk, one above the cockpit, seven in the back seat, four in front and two seats in legroom. To claim the record, I had to shut all the doors and bonnet-normal-seater model VW.

    Faster production model

    The Koenigsegg Agera R develops a top speed of 440 km / h, accelerates from zero to 200 km / h in 7.5 "and is equipped with a 1,130 hp engine.

    The fastest electric model

    The Venturi Jamais Contente shaped rocket is electric while, but broke all records as the speedometer of the recorded speed of 515 km / h in Bonvil U.S..

    World Record on Ice

    This has an Audi A6 with appropriate modifications and tires Nokian. The speed record was recorded in the icy Baltic Sea and reached 331.6 km / hr.

    Faster acceleration

    The Caparo T1 is equipped with a 710 hp engine and unofficial measurements of acceleration from zero to 100 km / h is considerably lower than 2.5. "

    larger engines

    The model Brutus is a play American-LaFrance, 1907, in which he has relayed a BMW engine for an aircraft with twelve cylinders and 47,000 cc tonnage. The performance reaches 750 horsepower at 1,700 rpm!