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worlds most popular online comics and funny images and video website also  known in India as was one of the best website in the world and the no.1 in its categories is now take a new name fore the next generations visitors with the best looking ever..

New looks include new platform of design and next generation of technology to make it brows faster and easy to navigate. New website also accept users posts and display/publish it in a seconds. New icons and graphics are the key factors of this website.

A new name of is and its live from last month. we requested our loyal users/visitors to Subscribe/Follow us and make it popular too.

kirtu comics free username and password

kirtu comics

Kirtu is a word that, by association, has become synonymous with sexually explicit comics or animation originating in India that depict modern Indian sexuality. The common noun is derived from the domain name of the popular pornographic cartoon website, although as a proprietary eponym it is often used to refer to Indian cartoon pornography in general, much like hentai is used to denote sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation from Japan, particularly anime, manga and computer games.

Pornography is illegal in India, and although it is available virtually anywhere especially in areas where pirated material is already being sold it is generally of the softcore variety and typically low quality. Hardcore pornography involving actors and models, both on film and in photographs, is much more difficult to come by, and almost impossible to produce and distribute domestically because of the ban. Therefore, cartoon pornography is an increasingly popular alternative in India to hardcore content performed by people. Although various websites and print outlets besides exist, animated pornography in general is often referred to simply as "kirtu". is a pay site and users have to pay for Login name and Password for FREE there are several sites and Blogs are available. Read comments for letest active Links


SAVITA BHABHI : 1 to 35 full episodes

KIRTU FAN SERIES : more than 10 full episodes

WINTER IN INDIA : 1 to 6 full episodes

VELAMMA : 1 to 17 full episodes

KIRTU MISS RITA : 1 full episodes

KIRTU MAYA : 1, 2, 3 full episodes

XXX APARTMENTS : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Full episodes

SAVITA BHABHI @ 18 : 1, 2, 3, 4 full episodes

ROOFTOPS : 1, 2 full episodes

SAVITA IN GOA : 1, 2, 3, 4 full episodes

PRIYA RAO : 1 to 7 full episodes

KIRTU THE TRAP : 1, 2, 3 full episodes

SAATH KAHANIYA : 1 to 7 full episodes

UNCLE SHOM : 1, 2 full episodes

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velamma comics free username and password

Mrs Velamma Lakshmi, or Vela as her loved ones like to call her is a loving and innocent South Indian Aunty. However like most of the woman in her family, she was blessed with an extremely sexy figure with boobs like they came from heaven! Velamma is always ready to do anything for people she comes in touch with, but her innocence sometimes makes her do things which might go a bit far. Read about Velamma’s sexy yet innocent and loving experiences in the best Indian comic series – Best of all, its all FREE at and some other Blogs in Hindi, Tamil and English!

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List of Velamma comics

  1. Download Velamma – Episode 1: The Beginning
  2. Download Velamma Episode 2 : The Final Submission
  3. Download Velamma Episode 3 : How far would you go for your family?
  4. Download Velamma Episode 4 : The Picnic
  5. Download Velamma Episode 5 : The Chief Guest
  6. Download Velamma Episode 6: Visit From An Old Friend
  7. Download Velamma Episode 7 : She needs more than just motherly love
  8. Download Velamma Episode 8 : Holi – “The festival of colors and…”
  9. Download Velamma Episode 9 : Taking Virginity
  10. Download Velamma Episode 10 : The Loving Wife
  11. Download Velamma Episode 11 : The Affair
  12. Download Velamma Episode 12 : The New Beginning
  13. Download Velamma Episode 13 : In The Middle of a Journey
  14. Download Velamma Episode 14 : Falling Prey
  15. Download Velamma Episode 15 : The First Interview
  16. Download Velamma Episode 16 : Unwanted Gifts
  17. Download Velamma Episode 17 : The Hunt
  18. Download Velamma Episode 18 : Burning Desires
  19. Velamma Episode 19 : House Play
  20. Velamma Episode 20 : PayBack
    List of Veena comics
    1. Veena Episode 1 : To Sir With Love
    2. Veena Episode 2 : A Deal To Remember
    3. Download Venna Episode 03 full episode
    4. Veena Episode 4 : The Girl Next Door
    5. Veena Episode 5 : Working All Night Long
    6. Veena Episode 6 : Blackmail!
    7. Veena Episode 7 : Fighting Fire With Fire

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    savita bhabhi free username and password

    savita bhabhi
    Savita Bhabhi free username and password: is an Indian pornographic cartoon character and has earned a recognition as India's first porn star. The character named Savita is depicted as an attractive promiscuous housewife who is ignored by her husband and engages in sexual adventures. The suffix bhabhi (Hindi: sister-in-law) is commonly attached to first names of Indian housewives. The character initially appeared in a freely available comic strip at It has since been converted into a subscription-based strip. The cartoon character was first introduced by Puneet Agarwal in March 2008. It proved controversial in the conservative Indian setting as soon as it was introduced. Some critics felt it represented the face of new India’s ultra-liberal section.  The site was officially banded but it still present in form of Kirtu(Paid site)

    List of the stories published

    1. savita bhabhi episode 01 Bra Salesman
    2. savita bhabhi episode 02 Cricket
    3. savita bhabhi episode 03 The Party
    4. savita bhabhi episode 04 Visiting Cousin
    5. savita bhabhi episode 05 Manoj Ki Maalish (Servant Boy)
    6. savita bhabhi episode 06 Virginity Lost
    7. savita bhabhi episode 07 Doctor Doctor
    8. savita bhabhi episode 08 The Interview
    9. savita bhabhi episode 09 Sexy Shopping
    10. savita bhabhi episode 10 Banungi Mein Miss India
    11. savita bhabhi episode 11 Savita In Shimla
    12. savita bhabhi episode 12 Miss India Part 2
    13. savita bhabhi episode 13 College Girl Savvi
    14. savita bhabhi episode 14 Sexpress
    15. savita bhabhi episode 15 Ashok At Home
    16. savita bhabhi episode 16 Double Trouble
    17. savita bhabhi episode 17 Double Trouble-2
    18. savita bhabhi episode 18 Tution Teacher Savita
    19. savita bhabhi episode 19 Savita's Wedding
    20. savita bhabhi episode 20 Sexercise
    21. savita bhabhi episode 21 A Wife's Confession
    22. savita bhabhi episode 22 Shobha's First Time
    23. savita bhabhi episode 23 Kissing Cousins
    24. savita bhabhi episode 24 The Mystery Of Two
    25. savita bhabhi episode 25 The Uncle's visit
    26. savita bhabhi episode 26 The Photo Shoot
    27. savita bhabhi episode 27 The Birthday Bash
    28. savita bhabhi episode 28 Business OR AND Pleasure
    29. savita bhabhi episode 29 The Intern
    30. savita bhabhi episode 30 Sexercise - How it All Began!
    31. savita bhabhi episode 31 Sexy Secretary - 1
    32. savita bhabhi episode 32 Savita Bhabhi's Special Tailor
    33. Savita in Goa series (Part 1 to 4)

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    Indian Celebs : With and Without makeup

    bollywood hot celebrities

    A look at some of Bollywood's leading ladies with and without make up: Ash is one of the most prettiest women in the world - there is no doubt about it. But it is very rare that we see her without or with very little make up. This is one such occasion.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Her red carpet styles have come under criticisms very often - but that does not stop us from saying she is pretty.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Here is a look at Rani as she was dashing off for some personal errands - just a smattering of make up on her face.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    And this is Rani all dressed up - tell us which version you love. As for us - we like her without make up.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Let's start by saying - we love Kareena. Now, we come to the part about her looks with and without make up.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    And hey presto, we see the magic of makeup!

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Katrina Kaif looks pretty and hot with make up or without it.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Take a look - now don't say she is not hot

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Kajol is chirpy and pretty.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Her grace and her charm and the dance of emotions in her eyes, and the smile does wonders - ah and forget the make up. She looks pretty either way.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Malaika Arora is one of the hottest item girl of Bollywood.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    And she is a natural beauty. Any doubts?

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Recognize her? Yes, it is Priyanka Chopra!

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Priyanka Chopra is perhaps one of those stars who look very pretty with make up.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Minimal make up works best - Bipasha stands by it

    bollywood hot celebrities

    And doesn't she just look gorgeous anyway?

    bollywood hot celebrities

    This leggy lass has been spotted time and again without make up.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    And here's the dramatic change.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Jacqueline Fernandez is a normal pimpled girl.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Jacqueline Fernandez and here - the make up artist waves the magic wand.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Anushka Sharma looks good without make up

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Anushka Sharma with make up. Have a look.

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Vidya Balan is the flavour of the season. And here's a look at the heroine without make up

    bollywood hot celebrities

    And here is a look at the lady all dressed up.

    bollywood hot celebritiesBollywoodactresses are known for their beauty and style. They are glorified on screens as demi-goddesses who are blessed with ethereal beauty.

    But its now time for some reality check as the actresses don't really look like the perfect dreamgirls once they are stripped off their make-up. Lets take a look at how different actresses look without their usual dose of make-up.

    Bollywood's number one fashionista isn't very attractive to look at once her make-up comes off. In this pic, Sonam far from the glam diva that she always is.

    bollywood hot celebrities
    Katrina Kaif

    Katrina Kaif doesn't look much different without make-up. She is one naturally blessed woman in terms of beauty and, hence, can easily survive without make-up. She looks beautiful in her most basic and natural avatar.

    bollywood hot celebrities
    Rani Mukherjee

    Yes! The person you see in the pic is indeed Rani Mukherjee. And, she sure does look horrendous without her make-up on. Our advise to her would be not to step out of the house without any make-up or she might end up losing the few films that she's got in hand.

    bollywood hot celebrities
    Deepika Padukone

    Sans make-up, Deepika looks like any other face in the crowd. It is after a good dose of grooming that Deepika manages to look like the stunner that she always appears to be.

    bollywood hot celebrities
    Kareena Kapoor

    Kareena Kapoor also looks amazingly beautiful even without any trace of make-up. Guess its owing to her genes and a healthy lifestyle that always ensures that she looks radiant and glowing.

    bollywood hot celebrities
    Priyanka Chopra

    The glamorous Piggy Chops looks like as bad without make-up as as she looks good with it. She seems like a totally different person from the gorgeous star that we all know

    bollywood hot celebrities

    Kajol has always shocked us with her sense of style in the past and she does the same by coming forth without proper grooming. No matter what the occasion is, there can be no excuse for turning up looking like this in public.

    bollywood hot celebrities
    Rakhi Sawant

    Not that we consider Rakhi a Bollywood star, but the difference in her look with and without make-up is so startling that we couldn't resist including her in the list. On the transformation in her appearance, we have only one thing to say: Miracles do happen!

    bollywood hot celebrities

    The 10 most crazy hairstyles in the history of sports

    If you sit down to think better, you will find even more. But certainly the decade that follows, is a good top-10 athletes of strange hair lengths! Let us remember ...